21 March, 2013

Chinese IP address behind South Korea hacking

By : Spandas Lui

The hacking attack in South Korea on internet service provider LG Uplus, which crippled several TV broadcasters and banks, originated from an IP address in China, according to South Korean officials. The cyberattack occurred on Wednesday and caused disruptions to TV networks YTN, MBC, and KBS. 

Meanwhile, Shinhan Bank and NongHyup Bank were also affected. During a press conference, a South Korea Communications Commission spokesperson said that the malicious code used for the attack came from an IP address in China, reported Reuters.

A previous cyberattack on South Korea had been traced to North Korea using a Chinese IP address. At the time, North Korea blamed the US for the hacking. South Korea has yet to point fingers at North Korea for the most recent incident. The country had been ramping up its cybersecurity after threats of physical and virtual attacks from its Northern Communist neighbours. 

South Korea's police are still investigating the latest hacking. The US were also victims of an online attack in January on news agencies New York Times and Wall Street Journal. China was blamed for the hacking, but the country denied those accusations.

Spandas forayed into tech journalism in 2009 as a fresh university graduate spurring her passion for all things tech. Based in Australia, Spandas covers enterprise and business IT.

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