08 February, 2010

Depa nak londeh seluar dalam pulak...

SHAH ALAM: Female students in higher-learning institutes here are being persuaded not to wear panties on Valentine’s Day as an expression of true love for their boyfriends.
The “no-panties promotion”, being held for the first time, has apparently been gaining interest among the students, who are passing the news by word-of-mouth.Two students in their 20s from Shah Alam, known only as Ummi and Melissa, said they were aware of the “promotion.”

“I feel it is personal,” said Ummi with a smile.“Valentine’s Day is a good time to express one’s love. And, what we use or don’t use is our right, our freedom. But we will do what is right. It’s a new world now.”

Melissa claimed that there was already a large group who planned to go ahead with it.“We will know how many by Valentine’s evening.”

State Islamic Affairs Department (Jais) director Datuk Mohammed Khusrin Munawi said: “We will not allow Muslim students to be taken in by such celebrations that deviate from the teachings of Islam.” (Sumber The Star 29/1/2010)

Minta JAIS pi selak tengok sapa yang tak pakai seluar dalam pada malam tu tahan dalam lokap sebelum masuk angin.