24 September, 2009

The Malay Supremacy: Should it continue? Chua Soi Lek

Tuesday, May 6, 2008
The recent gathering of 200 Malay NGOs was purportedly to discuss the status of Malays after the elections. From my reading in Utusan Malaysia, I must say that I’m totally disgusted and disappointed that many academicians who are involved in the congress are totally living in ivory towers, completely out of touch with the rakyat of Malaysia.

Maybe they have been in the University for too long and they are there not because of their academic excellence, but because of the affirmative action program, so much so that they are so lacking in intellectual capabilities to come up with to put it kindly, hare-brained proposals. This is obvious as their standards have been going downhill, unfortunately, they are playing a leading role in this congress, presenting their papers and guiding the Malay NGOs.

Today, we are talking about globalization, competitiveness, equality, fairness, democracy and we have among us people who feel that they should be more equal than others by virtue of birth and hence, you can see some bumis who feel or who demand their entitlement as if by right of birth. To make things worse, this is sometimes reinforced by government agencies and this is often the cause of so much friction and dissatisfaction among the non-Malays towards the Malays.

It is because of this that I always feel that race and religion will continue to dominate our political landscape. If the Malays insist on “Ketuanan Melayu” (Malay Supremacy) and that they are supreme in this country, they should not be worried about the advancement by non-Malays since in their mind, they are always supreme.

Problems arise because in order to be supreme, they want the non-Malays not to advance. They want to eat the cake and keep the cake. The PM always says that he is a leader not only for the Malays but all Malaysians. So, we hope that he will walk the talk and not be shaken by these 200 Malay NGOs with their emotional and racial rantings in Johor Bahru over the weekend.

Some Malays must accept the political reality that Malaysia today is different than Malaysia 51 years ago when we achieve independence. If this group of Malay thinks that we are still the same, then we are doomed as a nation.

Obviously we have changed and we will continue to change to cope up with the changing time. It is those Malays who have not changed, unwilling to change or not knowing how to change that caused Malaysia growth to be slowed down in the last 15 years, while the rest of the world have moved on, we are still saddled with the problem of race and religion and who is supreme in a land that belongs to all Malaysian to be shared equally by all Malaysians irrespective of race and religion. (source : drchua9.blogspot.com)


  1. Allow me to quote " ...... we are still saddled with the problem of race and religion and who is supreme in a land that belongs to all Malaysian to be shared equally by all Malaysians irrespective of race and religion." ..... unquote.

    MT must have a very valid reason for posting this article which was made more than a year ago. But still, the content is definitely far from being irrelevant, especially taken and viewed from the prevailing political situation in the country.

    Much have been said, discussed, argued, debated, criticised, despised, vehemently ostracised , furiously challenged ......., and all in the name of self preservation with 'race and religion' as the main recipe for such outlandish, uncalled-for, misconstrued and sometimes with dangerously provocative outbursts !

    As Malaysians we cannot, not even for a single moment, ignore or worse still question what has been scribed in the Constitution. The writer of the article, being a renowned politician, should know better.

    Statements while seemingly defensive of one's own group could be very sensitive to the feelings of others and which could trigger off retaliation and explode into a domino-like chain reaction detrimental to the peace, harmony and stability in the country. It needs only a careless and an irresponsible statement from an insensitive bloke to start off this calamity which is often quite difficult to end once started.

    On the question of 'race' and 'religion' esp ... the Constitution clearly spells it out. It will be fool-hardy for anybody to challenge them.

    Of late, sensitive issues like the 'Kontrak Sosial, Hak Istimewa orang Melayu, Kedaulatan Raja-Raja Melayu, Bahasa Kebangsaan, Agama Islam,....... etc' had been brazenly attacked by several quarters , without giving it a thought that it could spark off violent retaliatory reactions. Fortunately, most Malaysians, are more matured as not to be taken in by such reckless tantrums though we must admit it is the politicians that should take the blame for starting it all !

    On the question of racial polarisation which has bugged us for quite sometime now, some drastic measures have to be taken, unpopular as they may seem to be ! One sure step to succeed in curbing this 'menace' is to have every citizen regard himself/herself as a Malaysian in every respect. We can't afford to be hypocritical about this undertaking. If differences can be minimised, then there is hope. Then there is the question of Patriotism, the ability to speak the national Language, the willingness to accept what has been agreed upon etc etc which should be addressed.

    Racial polarisation in our neighbouring countries is not as disturbing as it is in our country. Perhaps their education system had minimised if not totally eradicated this stigma. If all school-going children go through the same school system, then we may succeed in forging greater tolerance among the various races. Why not abolish all Malay schools, all Chinese Schools, All Tamil schools and have only a NATIONAL SCHOOL with Bahasa Kebangsaan as the medium of instruction and with a common curriculum for everyone. It may be very hard for many to accept BUT if it is a sure formula for success, why not give it a try. No, don't give it a try. Just do it !!!
    The Thais and the Indonesians will not accuse us of being copycats !

  2. Dear Chua Soi Leik..

    You mesti ingat siapa yang buka Tanah Melayu ni jikalau bukan orang2 Melayu...Pemerintahan Kesulatanan Melayu Melakalah yang membenarkan pendagang2 dari Cina untuk berniaga di tanah Melayu...

    Jangan biarkan Kesultanan Melayu di Malaysia pupus sepertimana Maharaja Cina yang kini telah pupus kerana gilakan kuasa dan bersekongkol dengan Jepun..you sepatutnya berterima kasih atas budi bicara orang2 Melayu membenarkan semua kaum layak menjadi warganegara Malaysia...Kalau di Jepun you all bolehka jadi warganegara??? Dah tentu tak boleh...

    Jikalau kita tengok ekonomi cina semasa era komunis memerintah di China dahulu cukup teruk, lembab dan tidak berdaya saing...apabila era pemerintahan komunis tamat,China telah mengamalkan dasar ekonomi terbuka barulah kini nampak kemajuan ekonomi di China...

    Mengenai isu menjaga keselamatan negara, berapa % kah kaum cina dinegara ini yang joint tentera dan polis...5% sahaja, kata Malaysia hak bersama konon tapi bab nak mati mempertahankan negara 'wa takut mati loo'...yang jadi pecacai tukang jaga rumah, gudang2, kilang2 tokei cina di Malaysia ni boleh dikatakan semuanya Melayu...jangan menanam tebu ditepi bibir tapi hati didalam hitam bak khinzir...

    Ingat!!!!!Jangan memecah belahkan perpaduan kaum yang selama ini kita masih amalkan...jangan ingat orang2 Melayu di dalam PKR,PAS dan UMNO tidak boleh bersatu hati apabila Kedaulatan Raja2 Melayu tergugat...

    Sudah la soi leik...dasar kote kawaq..perangai macam lembu..semua nak balaih...bini dirumah tu pun x larat nak jaga...makan viagra kot...mentang2 la bekas menteri bagi ubat..samalah dengan Ju Meng tu pun tak sedar diri....kita kalau boleh nak berbaik dengan semua kaum tapi mereka lebih berusaha untuk memecah belahkan kaum....tangkap masuk ISA je...

  3. Tindakan Si Kitol mencerca dan menyeru supaya jangan diundi Dato’ Arzmi Hamid dan Zainudin Maidin kepada MIC,MCA,PPP dan Gerakan semasa
    PRU11/12 adalah tindakan membuka pintu supaya Ketuanan Melayu dicabar oleh golongan-golongan ini.
    Hari ini si Kitol sedang menjilat dan makan kembali muntah-muntahnya untuk kelihatan kuat seperti cerita dongeng Badang yang tidak pernah menjadi realiti.


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