14 May, 2013


Utusan Malaysia dituduh rasis apabila menyiarkan artikel “Apa Lagi Cina Mau” yang ditulis oleh Zulkiflee Bakar. Jika kita menyingkap kembali artikel tulisan John Doe di dalam Malaysia Today bertarikh 3/12/2010 ianya lebih teruk rasisnya dari itu. 

Penulis seperti John Doe ini lah yang pendapat tempat sebagai kolumnis di dalam blog Lim Kit Siang ini secara halus mengangkat dan mengiktiraf John Doe menghentam Melayu; 

Baca artikel penuh John Doe yang bertajuk “MELAYU ARE STUPID"  di bawah:

Who says that it is arbitrarily wrong to state the above? How many people even know who is a Melayu, and who is not? Do Malaysians even know the difference? Well, take a walk with me, and see how you fare on this educational journey. 

The next time you meet someone who claims to be a “Melayu”, ask him, or her if he/she is a “Melayu Deli” or “Melayu Riau”. That’s the first question the individual needs to answer. A Javanese is definitely NOT a Melayu. He is a Javanese. The same applies to a Batak, Achehnese, Bugis, Sundanese, Sumba, Florence, Balinese, and so on. 

BTW, the Bataks are further subdivided into Karonese, Toba, PakPak, and so on. And NONE see eye to eye, and have much heated debates on which group is more “Pure”. I guess that they forgot that the concept of Thoroughbreds is directly propagating the concept of in-breeding. Somewhere, somehow, people just forgot this. You see, in Indonesia, there are more than 164 suku’s, and Melayu is but one of them. Why is it so hard for goons like Ibrahim Ali to convince these Austronesian Migrants to call themselves a Melayu? The answer is so really simple. It’s because, in Indonesia, the Melayu are called “Lazy”, and “Stupid”, and “Totally Useless”.

Go ahead, ask your Indonesian Maid what she knows about “Melayu”. And then call her a Melayu, and watch her putrid reaction. The original location for the Melayu is contested between the Medan regions, but more and more are agreeing that it was really in Jambi. Regardless, of which “camp” is correct, Medan is today, nearly void of any Melayu Deli. Most who have been to Medan, will quickly tell you that the Melayu are really really lazy people. Thus, no one wants to hire them, or to do business with them in Indonesia. It is so rare to find any Melayu who is hardworking here. It might also come to surprise many, that the Melayu have almost disappeared in Medan today, to be replaced by Orang Jowo. 

The Javanese are really the more hardworking of the lot, and as such, have taken over most of Indonesia. In fact many in Malaysia are Javanese. These Javanese migrants brought along with them, their culture, and traditions. The Kuda Kepang is but one of them. Less desirable traditions which were brought over are “female circumcision”. (Google it, and look at the Malaysian statistics yourself) This has absolutely nothing to do with Religion, but rather a cultural trait. This is however, not to be confused with the Female Genital Mutilation of Africa. 

So, it becomes harder and harder to understand Abraham Ali, each time he screams and shouts “Ketuanan Melayu”, when in actual fact, no one in the Peninsular is really Melayu to begin with. Tough choice, because if these Austronesians of Malaysia decide to call themselves by their original Suku/ Puak, then they’d lose everything which is promised to them as prescribed in the Federal Constitution. Tough. Just as Jibby is a Bugis, but decides to downgrade himself by calling himself a Melayu. 

The Melayu are really looked down upon in Indonesia. The name itself is shunned, and in the Javanese Language, the word “Melayu” means a fugitive. No wonder so many still refuse to be called “Melayu”, except in rare moments when the carrot-on-a-stick is brought out. Phrases like “Don’t insult me by calling me a Melayu, I am a Javanese” can still be heard throughout Malaysia. It is also interesting to note at this point, that the Kelantanese are migrants from both Pattani, as well as from the Champa Kingdom in Central Vietnam. They too fled their country, and arrived in Malaysia in the not too distant past. 

The Chinese. The Stupid Chinese !! They were always hated by the Javanese from time immemorial. First, the Chinese started to bring in this strange new religion called Islam. The Wali Songo Chapter is clearly marked in History. The 9 Supreme Mubaligh of Islam were all Chinese, and they spread Islam to all of Java. For years and years, this information was greatly suppressed.
This picture HERE shows the 9 Chinese-Muslim Saints are the symbol of the spread of Islam in the Nusantara.
 The same fate of suppression applied to the Demak Kingdom. Up till very recently, all books about the Demak Kingdom was banned in Indonesia. Why? Their Sultan was a Chinese Man named Chek Kok Po, who is today known as Raden Patah. He had a vision to spread Islam to Java by the sword. And this he did by working in collaboration with Malacca, just across the Straits of Sumatera. 

Thus, together, they conquered most of the North of Java. The Majapahitans (Javanese), on the other hand, were Hindu. And they really started to develop a sincere hate for the Muslim Chinese, as it upset their Gods. At that time, it was Lingghi worship, which was predominant. Vishnu, Ganesha, and Krishna had already been slightly sidelined in favour of the Male Penis-worship. Somehow, the Javanese liked this, and thus, became sworn enemies of the Chinese, who insisted on bringing in Islam to these “Barbarians”. 

The Javanese hated the Chinese for forcefully bringing Islam to Indonesia. The Indians also played an important role in bringing Islam into Malaysia. The Gujeratti’s were mostly Muslim, and were equally just as enthusiastic about spreading Islam to the same “Barbarians”. The Chola’s however, were mostly Hindu, and they were responsible for spreading Hinduism, which stayed in Southeast Asia for 1,500 years, beginning from the 2nd century in Lembah Bujang (Kedah), Bali and Champa, till the 15th Century. 

The Arabs on the other hand, were mostly Pirates, and robbed and pillaged their way to China. Their descendants, with the Mongolian refugees are the Bugis people today. It is no wonder, that the Bugis remained fiersome pirates, and were extensively used by Parameswara, to extort “Toll Fees” from passing ships. This over-enthusiasm to collect such “fees” eventually led to their demise when innocent passing Portuguese ships refused to pay. They were attacked by Malacca, and in retaliation, revisited Malacca with only 30 ships, subdued it, and made Malacca into their new Naval base. 

It is important to note, that Ma Huan, the scribe of Zheng He, had recorded that there was not a single Muslim in the Island of Java when they arrived in the mid 15th Century. Perhaps Zheng He left a few Muslim Scholars behind, to help spread Islam. No one really knows. What we do know, however, is that Zheng He must have been very frustrated, as he could not find a single Halal Restaurant in Java when he arrived. Islam was not to touch the shores of Java till a good 50 years later, when Chek Kok Poh brought it in by force (literally by the sword) in the early 16th Century, when he conquered most of North Java. 

Click here for illustration. Coming back to the Melayu. Regardless of whether they are called Melayu Deli, or Melayu Riau, they are pendatangs to Malaysia. Their original homeland was in Jambi, Palembang, Brunei, Philippines, Sarawak, and the Riau Islands. Oh, and for the record, it is only called “Johor-Riau Islands” by Malaysia. The Indonesians NEVER call it anything else other than Riau. 

So, here’s a recap. 1) We do not know why UMNO is chanting “Ketuanan Melayu”. Nobody is Melayu in Malaysia anyway. 2) The Melayu (Deli and Riau) in Indonesia are called Lazy, Stupid and Useless. 3) There is a deep-seated hate for the Chinese by Indonesians. Firstly because they brought Islam to Java, which upset their Hindu Gods, and second, their diligence today, which makes everyone else look lazy. 4) This deep-seated hate led to their Massacre during the Genocide in 1998. Watch the Youtube Documentary HERE

5) Since most fake-Melayu’s in Malaysia are Javanese, it comes as no surprise that they brought along with them, this deep seated hate for the Chinese. 6) Despite UMNO people clearly announcing that they are anything BUT Melayu in public, it becomes ironic that no one is contesting their “Special Rights”, because the “Special Rights” are for the Melayu, yet no one benefiting from this, is a Melayu at all. Not even the Sultan’s who are Bugis, Palembang, Pattani, Orang Asli or “dan lain-lain” (as many are of mixed parentage). 7) I find it demeaning that ONLY the Melayu needs to be defined in the Constitution. 

8) You want to find a Melayu, go to Brunei, Sarawak, Philippines, Riau, or Jambi and Palembang. There’s none left in Peninsular Malaysia. 9) Even Singapore has more REAL Melayu than Malaysia. 10) “Ketuanan Pendatang” is a much more appropriate replacement. 

The Chinese have played an extremely large role in shaping the history of the Nusantara. Initially the Austronesians hated them for bringing Islam to the region, again, when the Japanese reinforced that the Chinese were evil, and today, they are still hated for making everyone else look lazy. Perhaps this deep-seated hate can be brought to rest, by bringing to light what truly happened in History. 

Not the retarded History lessons which UMNO insists on force-feeding down the throats of the young, but rather the unbiased version from real Academics in the field. But for the record, no one wants to be known as a Melayu in Indonesia, as they are simply classed at the bottom of the bottom.


  1. Common, The Wali Songo are Arab origins- where the hell did they get the notions that wali songo are Chinese?

  2. BN tak pandai nak perbesarkan sesuatu isu secara meluas dan pantas diseluruh Msia, ia tak sehebat pembangkang.
    Ini lah kelemahan BN, tidak serious & bersungguh.

  3. Wali Songo were Chinese? Sounds anthropological enough to me ha ha ha. And how on earth - the Arabs on the other hand, were mostly Pirates, and robbed and pillaged their way to China. Their descendants, with the Mongolian refugees are the Bugis people today. Come on Jon Doe you're not the only one with this kind of enthusiasm attacking the muslims, all the prophets of Allah were attacked since day one. try to be more subtle next time, who knows one day you will utter the shahadah eventually!.

  4. Kelemahan jentera UMNO.. tk reti nk smpaikan point2 dan isu2 dlm bahasa menarik dlm ceramah.. bahsa Najib paling boring..meleret2 dn zero point.. asyik ulang ayat2 pembangunan..BOSAN!!

  5. Melayu ke jawa ke acheh ke filipina ke champa ke dan berapa puluhan atau ribu etnik d gugusan pulau melayu adalah dari ras melayu yang bertutur dalam bahasa austronesian. Terdapat juga cina yg bertutur dalam bahasa austonesian iaitu d daerah yunan tetapi bukan dari ras melayu. Memang benar wali sogo adalah dari keturunan arab bukan dari keturunan cina seperti yang di nyatakan oleh penulis yg menulis dgn agenda tertentu.

  6. translate la ke bahasa melayu ...semoga ramai lagi boleh baca,
    pahami dan share....SHARE MESTI......supaya lebih ramai tahu....

  7. Bukan tak bersungguh tapi sikap malu untuk berbohong yg buatkan org UMNO / Melayu tak suka berkata perkara yang tak betul .... Melayu yg selalunya dikatakan hebat sangat contohnya mcm Nuar Berahim tu , bukan ke hari hari berbohong ?

  8. Buat penulis di atas, jangan menulis hentam kromo saja. Buat kajian menyeluruh, bukan merujuk kepada orang yang tidak mengkaji sejarah. Kalau dah buta sejarah, jangan pandai-pandai dok mereka cipta sejarah sendiri, kemudian nak merendah-rendahkan bangsa lain. Ingatlah kaum pendatang dulu datang hanya sebagai buruh-buruh sahaja. Sekarang sudah besar kepala.

  9. This moron must have wrote through his arse. Where in the world did he get all this crap.

  10. Hmmm...let me see!..KICK!..KICK!...KICK! (Namewee Style).Okay here we go..."It took millions of Chinese to cheat one Malay name Najib, but it only took one Malay name Anwar to cheat millions of Chinese"....Hehehehe...who is stupid now?

  11. Ini tipikal propaganda kit sial nak ubah sejarah.

  12. Tapi rupanya dia bukan cina.....
    krn Cina biasa kurang begitu familiar dgn konflik antara entik Melayu & Javanese dan sebagainya...
    nampak macam Indo atau bumi sabah or sarawak.....

  13. Pada pandangan anda, adakah orang melayu zaman dahulu telah membuat kesalahan yang besar apabila memnjadi terlalu baik hati sanggup menerima kehadiran bangsa-bangsa lain sewaktu bersetuju mencapaikemerdekaan? Adakah orang melayu dahulu telah membuat kesilapan apabila terlalu mempercayai bangsa-bangsa itu yang diberikan hak kerakyatan secara automatik dan orang melayu mendapat hak istimewa akan memegang perjanjian ini sampai bila-bila?Adakah patut kita kembali kepada perjanjian asal apabila bangsa-bangsa itu mempertikaikan hak orang melayu dan kita mempertikaikan semula hak pemberian kerakyatan secara automatik kepada mereka?Adakah anda rasa patut kita kembali kepada kedudukan asal iaitu kuasa dikembalikan kepada sultan-sultan dan rakyat kembali ke negeri masing-masing serta perjanjian persekutuan dibubarkan?Niat saya bukan menghasut tetapi menimbulkan persoalan untuk kita fikirkan sebab sejak dua menjak ini terlalu banyak pihak mempertikaikan perjanjian yang telah dipersetujui oleh pemimpin kita dahulu dgn harapan kita akan hidup secara harmonis.......(dari Usop Santeron)

  14. Orang Cina memang pandai tukar sejarah bangsa lain dan melaga-lagakan sesama etnik dari dulu lagi. Apa la kita nak pedulikan. Di mana-mana negara didunia akan dapat cerita, yang penduduk asal tak suka orang cina, sudah-sudah lah berusaha. Di Amerika, di Australia, di Indonesia sendiri pun ada kes dan masih berlangsung. Dimana-mana saja. Sedarlah orang cina, dunia membenci anda, kerana sifat dan tingkah laku anda.


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