06 April, 2013


E-mail from Lawrence Ding, voter in Ipoh, Perak: 

For the coming GE13, I am of the opinion that BN will win without any problems. It will be a clear victory and there will be no such thing as a hung Parliament. 

These are my reasons: 

1. All politics is local. Pakatan Rakyat (PR) and some DAP politicians forgot this rule by not focusing on the local constituency issues. That is why their candidates will lose. 

2. PR and especially DAP politicians have gotten very arrogant and over confident. Voters don’t like cocky politicians and they will likely teach these politicians a lesson. It happened to BN politicians in 2008 and it will happen to arrogant DAP politicians in 2013. 

3. DAP is beginning to show its racist character in dealing with other political parties from different races especially the Indians. 

4. The supporters of PR and PR have become big bullies (nobody likes to be bullied into voting); they try to intimidate and coerce people into voting their choice of candidate without seeking to explain why. 

5. PR and DAP made too many promises and have reneged on a lot of them. This has caused disappointment and even disillusionment amongst voters and they will react with pulling their support away from PR/DAP. 

6. PR and DAP infighting (so many instances as captured by DAP Insider so there is no need to expand). 

7. DAP is beginning to abuse its powers and engage in corruption. 

8. DAP leaders began to cultivate their own cronies and they have even been won over by previous cronies of the BN. 

9. Too much focus on national issues by DAP. This resonates with urban voters but it does not with rural. DAP needs to focus n local everyday issues which directly affect the voters.

10. DAP’s political strategies are essentially based on the politics of hatred instead of an uplifting, visionary and transformative agenda. Instead of the politics of hope and blessings, DAP indulges in a politics of hype and blame. This is not sustainable in the long run and does not add to building a better nation. 

I am voting BN this round (in the last GE in 2008, I voted the DAP), because the DAP MP was nowhere to be seen for the past 5 years. There is very little work done on his part.

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