07 April, 2013


A DAP Insider Exclusive Interview with a DAP Political Strategist, also known as Oracle about the status of the Indian votes for and support for the DAP 

DAP Insider: “Good to see you again Oracle – do you still want to remain anonymous or are you now prepared to reveal yourself and go public…?"

DAP Political Strategist also known as (aka) Oracle: “Still cannot reveal myself yet – the competition between the political strategists in the DAP has become very keen and almost vicious because a number of them have been dropped as the leaders have lost confidence in them. Some have been suspected as moles and Trojan horses planted by the BN and so the leaders have decided to steer clear of them and not take the risk. Still some others have resorted to dirty tactics to smear my name but because of my professionalism and good work, I continue to have the ears of the leadership…but I am also aware that I serve at their pleasure.” 

DAP Insider: “There is a very recent survey conducted by Pakatan Rakyat grassroots workers that revealed that Indian support for Pakatan Rakyat has dipped below 50% from a high of 80% achieved in GE12 in 2008. What happened?” 

Oracle: “First off, PM Najib has focused much of his efforts on the Indian community and they now can reach him directly instead of through the MIC or PPP. There is direct intervention by the Prime Minister himself and this has yielded dividends for the BN and increased confidence in the Indian community that PM is listening to them and acting to resolve their problems. 

Granted that the Indians were degraded by the Malay government by crippling their education, job opportunities and welfare, with the help of their own community leaders but the Chinese never did any better. The Chinese had never supported the Indians at any time.

The Chinese were opportunists, they only use the Indians for their hard work with low wages. Even after getting overwhelming support in 2008, Pakatan Rakyat has failed to do much for the Indians. 

The DAP is even worse – there is no real concrete program to uplift the Indians form their plight. Ramasamy claims he is an expert on Indian affairs but I have yet to see any blueprint from him or the DAP Indian politicians to transform the Indian community in Malaysia from all aspects. 

Consider this list of DAP’s 5 Indian MPs and 10 state assemblymen: 

1. P Ramasamy (Batu Kawan, Penang) 
2. M Kula Segaran (Ipoh Barat, Perak) 
3. M Manogaran (Teluk Intan, Perak) 
4. Charles Santiago (Klang,Selangor) 
5. John Fernandez (Seremban, Negeri Sembilan) 

State assemblymen 
1. P Ramasamy (Prai, Penang, Deputy Chief Minister II) 
2. A Tanasekharan (Bagan Dalam, Penang) 
3. RSN Rayer (Sri Delima, Penang) 
4. A Sivasubramaniam (Buntong, Perak) 
5. V Sivakumar (Tronoh, Perak, former Perak Speaker) 
6. A Sivanesan (Sungkai, Perak) 
7. M Manoharan (Kota Alam Shah, Selangor) 
8. S Veerapan (Rapah, Negeri Sembilan) 
9. K Arumugam (Rahang, Negeri Sembilan) 
10. P Gunasekaran (Senawang, Negeri Sembilan) 

We also have Chong Eng and Hannah Yeoh – both Chinese women who married Indian men but they did nothing as well. The unkindest cut of all – Hannah Yeoh tried her stunt with the “Anak Malaysia” thing to register her daughter’s birth but ended up choosing to state that her daughter is Chinese instead of Indian. 

What a great hypocrisy and insult to the Indian man who is her husband. It only shows that she is so ashamed of her husband’s race that she kept her more superior race. Yes, even though she tried to explain that she just accepted what was typed in by the counter clerk at the registration office but really – would the counter clerk do such a thing and take such liberty without reference to her? And even if she did, then why did Hannah Yeoh NOT OBJECT to such an insertion of Chinese as the race of her daughter? 

See, the Indians are not stupid and blind – they see this and they know and recognize it as racism and they vote with their feet. And then from the above list, not a single one from the above is able to come up with some concrete and sustainable plans and programs for the betterment of the Indians in Malaysia. 

It is so pathetic… Indians know whichever side they take is not going to be a turning point. They have learnt the skill to hang on the fence. Indians are survivors being moulded by both the Malays and the Chinese. 

They know what to do when the time comes! And they only believe what they see and can get – promises are no use unless they are fulfilled.That is why BN’s “Janji Ditepati” campaign has great traction amongst Indians. The proof of the pudding is in the eating.

Also the Waythamoorthy factor – he came back but he did not join Pakatan and he did not join DAP. Most Indians in Malaysia respect Waythamoorthy and would want him to represent them but the question remain why till now no one from Pakatan or DAP has engaged him and so it gives the perception that nobody in PR or DAP is truly interested in the Indians. But suddenly PM Najib says Hindraf is no longer banned and he wants to meet and discuss with Waythamoorthy. Najib has now seized the initiative and truly we have lost the opportunity as it is too late now for PR or DAP. We wasted 5 years of time. 

Despite all the rhetoric form DAP and PR and despite all the years of living in Malaysia, most of the leaders from the DAP have truly failed to understand the mentality of Indians. They keep thinking at the same angle the hypocrites from PKR and DAP but Indians are not idiots and they know what is good for them. They hate hypocrisy and racist mentality of the Chinese in DAP and sadly this is true."
(Aource: Insider Exclusive) 

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